Dean Vipond creates visual style for Muse's latest viral campaign.

Dean Vipond was recently appointed by the lovely people at Six To Start to provide design support for a viral campaign to promote the forthcoming album by rock band Muse.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="580" caption="Muse's map of Eurasia - click pic to enlarge"]Muses map of Eurasia - click pic to enlarge[/caption]

The campaign took the form of a game, which took place both online, and in the real world. Clues were planted on a microsite, which once solved, gave the location of USB sticks hidden in a number of locations around the world, the contents of which unlocked a segment of a new song online. It required the online collaboration of fans, to solve the puzzles, and co-ordinate globally to arrange collection of the USB sticks.

The status of the game was communicated via a cool, 1980s 'Wargames'-style updating map (produced by Dean Vipond), which showed which geographical territories had been 'unlocked'.

The game had close to 50,000 registered users and generated a huge buzz ahead of launch.

The game is now finished, but check out this write-up by Six To Start to find out more about the project.

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