Dean Vipond has designed the visual identity for Amblr, an exciting service for creating geo-located audio-visual experiences through mobile devices.

Amblr apps deliver audio and visual content, depending on a person's specific location. This allows for interesting, unique, story-based experiences as someone wanders around a place, such as in the Hackney Hear project. Amblr is also an open platform, allowing developers to experiment and create their own experiences.

The identity needed to work in a business-to-client context, positioning Amblr as an innovative business that can create these experiences. At the same time, it also had to be appealing to developers, hackers, and so on, communicating the possibilities the platform affords.

The solution was to create a series of sparks, made of a graphic representation of a compass needle. This communicated both creative opportunity, and the boundless routes Amblr apps could take.

The 'spark' device also acts as a standalone graphic, and will be used to co-brand apps created on the platform.

Amblr is a hugely exciting concept, with many projects due to launch in the coming months. Keep track of its activity on Twitter.

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