Do It Kits packaging

I’m excited to announce the identity design for a new company – Do It Kits. Created by technology and education expert Helen Steer, Do It Kits are all-in-one-box packs, that let teachers teach with new technologies in the classroom. Created for both novice, and more technologically advanced teachers, the kits provide computers, sensors and connectors, as well as OFSTED-compliant lesson plans.

Do It Kits logo

I worked with Helen, to develop an identity that communicates the reliability and approachability of Do It Kits. I have also designed a simple graphic system for creating illustrations that reflect the nature of each kit. These can be seen on the first two Do It Kits, a weather station, and a mushroom growing kit.

The kits are making their debut at the colossal BETT educational technology trade fair in London. Expect to see much more of this exciting business soon!

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