Nightmare High, a pioneering online game for Channel 4 Education, launches today. Aimed at 11–13 year olds making the transition from junior school to ‘big’ school, and examines the personal qualities needed to help them through.

Dean Vipond was appointed by agency Somethin’ Else to design the main interface for the game, as well provide much of the information design which is delivered as the game progresses and the player’s experience increases. Oh, and the logo too!

Players play the part of someone starting at a new school, who is plunged into a scary alternate reality, featuring zombie teachers, spider-bats and giant pandas. On the way you'll meet lots of strange characters and need to work out how best to communicate, and see behind their façades to succeed. Can players fix reality and return the school to normal?

The game is a huge production, featuring brilliant writing, some excellent Flash games by Player Three, and the (literally) fantastic illustration work of Ben Steers. It also has video interviews with celebrities talking about their experiences of making transitions in their lives.

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