I Can Make

I have been working closely with I Can Make for nearly two years. The company has huge ambitions for 3D printing, education, and the manufacturing industry. With 3D printing, it aims to spark the same curiosity and experimentation in children, that the home computing boom of the early 1980s had with children then.

I Can Make logo specifications

I Can Make needed a brand design that does two things: excite children about the possibilities of I Can Make products, as well as reassure adults (specifically teachers and parents) that what might be seen as an intimidating new technology, is easy and fun to use. I designed a brand framework that leans on the creative potential of 3D printing, not on the (ever-changing) technology aspect. I also produced a vibrant, exciting, logo design and supporting visual system, to work across all touchpoints – from online, to retail, to printable teaching resources.

The I Can Make website

I Can Make download cards, for the retail market

Lesson plans and worksheets for teachers

Communicating the I Can Make process, in three simple steps

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