Kaleida branding

Kaleida is a fascinating startup, using data science and machine learning, to understand and redefine what successful journalism looks like. For a long time, success has been measured simply by numbers of page views and social shares. Kaleida is looking for a much more accurate way of gauging this.

Kaleida logo design

They needed a brand which expressed their aims of extracting simple, clear messages from incredibly complex bodies of data. They also needed to be positioned as a new and interesting player in a highly competitive, corporate market.

I designed an identity which did this, with a bold and exciting colourscheme, that could be used in marketing activities, as well as the real-time data visualisations they generate.

Design for charts on Kaleida.com

Icon system for Kaleida.com

Alongside the branding, I also designed the Kaleida website, featuring a system for viewing news coverage for publishers, and the analysis Kaleida produces.

Kaleida.com trending topics page design

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