I am co-founder and creative director of Publish.org – a non-profit organisation that supports the creation of independent, open journalism. It is a supportive, inclusive community where the development of journalism is as important as the end result.

Starting a company from scratch means you can develop its brand values, understand the needs of the people who will need you, and build a product that aligns with your intentions. I designed a brand that is open and welcoming, and also strident and independent, reflecting the needs of the journalism profession at this point in time.

The Publish.org logo

Message from Alan Rusbridger, endorsing Publish.org

As a team we have also built a product that fits the needs of journalists, funders and the public, based on research interviews with journalists and our own ideas for how we can support the production of journalism.

Publish.org homepage

Publish.org commission page design

Publish.org draft design, allowing people to validate the quality of the work in progress

Title screen for a finished article on Publish.org

I developed the overall brand and creative direction, and worked with the excellent Richard Jones to develop a component library, that allows for the quick assembly of screens by Publish.org’s developer.

The project is still in its infancy, and will grow and develop as we build the community, and the product.

Next project: Doteveryone