Yarn illustration

Yarn was the result of an 18-month research and design project, in conjunction with University of Leeds and the AHRC. The project explored the rich tapestry of stories and heritage found in communities, and how digital tools might help people bring those stories to a wider audience, and make previously unknown connections.

Yarn story interface

Working as part of innovation company, CARBON Imagineering, I helped conduct co-design workshops that encouraged people from three different community groups, to share stories, local knowledge, and artefacts. After this research phase was complete, we designed and tested small prototypes with the groups, to see how they can pull together their own stories, with artefacts found on the web, to make rich, yet accessible, stories.

Yarn editing interface

Icon designs for the service

As well as collaborating on the interface and visual design, I designed a logo for Yarn, to help give the service, and the communities involved, a sense of completion and achievement.

Yarn logo

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